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We provide the Pay As You Throw (PAYT) Products your community needs to run a successful and sustainable solid waste reduction program! Our vast selection of  PAYT products offer your community ...the right product for ...the right application!


Let TBC help set-up a cost-effective, revenue generating Pay As You Throw ...(PAYT) Program for your community ..and we'll "customize" each item to meet the requirements of your program.


Tags Labels and Stickers - From numbered window stickers, to labels for attaching to your own bag, to a tag that attaches to your barrel or bumper, TBC is the source for a well organized ...well run Pay As You Throw ...(PAYT) Program.


Bags and Trash Can Liners - Our printed and pre-packaged heavy duty TBC trash bags provide the best way to run a Pay As You Throw ...(PAYT) Program, giving residents "something for their money" in a weight and volume controllable product.


Containers and Recycle Bins - We offer several sizes of curbside containers, recycle bins and custom TBC corrugated plastic containers, for recycling and waste collection programs in schools, hospitals, offices, etc.


We supply the strongest and most professionally packaged trash liners in the industry for PAYT use!  In addition, TBC Offers the strongest, broadest range and most durable recycling and solid waste PAYT disposal containers!

Communities that offer TBC Tags & Labels in their PAYT Program will increase recycling rates

  • Labels supplied on 3" cored rolls of 250 or 500 depending on label size (W x L).

  • Tags also are furnished on our "Easy-To-Sell and Easy-To-Read" sheets of 5.

  • Labels for use as "Tie-Bag" for top of bag, barrel handle, or as "Side-Of-Bag" sticker.

  • Window stickers for pre-paid entrance into landfill and recycling center.

  • Numbered stickers for permitted use of transfer station, parking areas and more.

  • All labels and stickers can be bar-coded for quick, easy approval of materials.

  • Labels are printed on gloss paper to resist fading and avoid duplication.

  • Standard label stock is either "Gold" or "Silver" with other colors available.

  • One and two colors are standard for print, with additional/special colors available.

  • Products have strong, weather-resistant adhesive for normal intended use.

  • Tags can be used as "REFUSAL" labels, "BULK COLLECTION" tags and more.

  • Stock and Custom sizes available for additional uses and special programs.

Offering TBC Custom Printed/Packaged Liners Will Provide A "Useable" Product For A PAYT Program

  • We offer our liners in standard top and wave handle, in sleeves of 5 and 10 packs.

  • Bags provided are "true-gauge" in thickness and strength, not "equivalent"!

  • Liners are printed one color, one side, with your community name, town seal, program info, participating retail outlets, and more.

  • Liners will contain 20% recycled content and post-consumer recycled content.

  • Sleeves are Clear with printed White paper insert including barcode, program information, etc.

  • Single purchase orders can be shipped direct to one location at no extra cost.

  • Our B-I-D S (Buy-Inventory-Distribution System) helps manage and distribute to your retail vendors.

  • Biodegradable and Compostable liners are available for programs that would utilize this type of specialty product.

Using TBC Printed Bins And Containers Will Offer Consistency And Cost Savings In A PAYT Program

  • Curbside containers for haulers in standard 50, 65 and 95 Gallon capacities.

  • Our standard 14 and 18 Gallon Recycle Bins are durable for use year-after-year.

  • Recycling Stations for waste sortation (LEED Credit) are available in 2 and 4 station.

  • Other products are compost bins, barrel sleeve covers, kitchen composters and more.

  • Special options, accessories, printing and colors are available.

  • We can custom print on the side of container, or supply large stickers with town/hauler info.

  • Major cost savings on bulk buy for initial order, with reasonable reorder minimums.

Put us on your RFP/Bid List and we will provide a competitive quote on your current terms,
along with "options" that may apply to your current or future requirements.

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